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October 18, 2017
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October 18, 2017

Unconscious Bias

Unconscious Bias Transformational Training

What is Unconscious Bias?
Implicit or unconscious bias occurs when our brains make extremely quick judgments and/or assessments of groups and individuals. These biases or snap judgments are often pre-judgments or prejudices that are not in the main factually based. Unconscious bias is far more prevalent than conscious bias and unconscious biases are often incompatible with ones conscious values. Our biases are influenced by factors such as our background, stereotypic views, cultural environments and personal experiences. Unconscious bias can lead to prejudice, which is defined as:

Prejudice – ‘An opinion or feeling about individuals or people of a different group, which is formed beforehand, without informed knowledge, thought or reason and which is likely to be sustained even in the face of evidence to the contrary’.

Bias is a pre-judgement in favour of or against a thing, person or group compared with another. An individual, a group, an organisation or institution can hold biases, both conscious and unconscious. Unconscious bias can be damaging to individuals, organisations and is considered to be the root cause of many discriminatory practices in the workplace and across society in general. Unconscious Bias is natural, (we all do it), It is unintended, It can affect decisions and it can be mitigated.

The impact of unconscious bias heavily influences how we make decisions about groups and individuals as we navigate society and in particular the workplace. This one-day course will cover the key characteristics of unconscious bias and facilitate a change in the mindset of delegates that will ensure a more ‘intelligent’ way of thinking and processing information that we currently hold and are likely to receive about individuals and groups in society. Delegates will develop a greater understanding of how to manage personal biases in a professional manner thereby creating an environment that is truly free of discriminatory thinking and behaviour.

This course will encourage delegates to develop an inclusive environment that responds effectively to equality, diversity and inclusion and one that creates a truly ‘discrimination free’ environment for staff, service users and those that come into day-to-day contact with the organisation.

Timings and Cost: This one-day course can accommodate up to 40 in-house staff ensuring excellent value.

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